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Data Center

Downloadable files for Yalobusha County, MS, employment, labor force, demographics, wages, and workforce information

Employment and Workforce Data

PDF  Employment by industry report (PDF, 90KB)
Excel Employment by industry data (XLS, 80KB)
PDF  Major employers in Yalobusha County (PDF, 32KB)
PDF  Labor force report for Yalobusha County (PDF, 257KB)
Excel Workforce data for Yalobusha County (XLS, 144KB)
Excel Employment and average salary by major industry (XLS, 16KB)

County Demographics and Statistics

PDF  Yalobusha County overview (PDF, 26KB)
PDF  Demographics report for Yalobusha County, MS (PDF, 253KB)
Excel Demographics data for Yalobusha County, MS (XLS, 62KB)
PDF  Consumer spending in Yalobusha County (PDF, 253KB)

Taxes and Incentives

For information on incentive programs and taxes in North Mississippi, see the Data and Resources page of the North Mississippi Industrial Development Authority website. Also visit our Taxes and Incentives page for details about local programs and incentives

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Data Center - Yalobusha County Data Yalobusha County has 13,418 residents. The population is predicted to grow to 13,518 in 2013. Read the Yalobusha County Mississippi Demographics Report (PDF, 253KB)

Yalobusha County Mississippi Population age distribution

45% of the population has a household income of between $10,000 to $40,000 a year.