How long does a siding last?

Different roofing materials have different durability. Here are the common periods that your siding should last:

  • Vinyl siding – 15 – 20 years (more info about Siding Vancouver)
  • Metal siding – 20 – 40 years of warranty, but usually they last longer;
  • Wood siding – 20 – 30 years (need much attention);
  • Tile and slate siding – 50 – 100 years (depending on quality of tiles).

How long does a flat roof last?

The average longevity of the flat roof is 20 years on condition that it was properly installed and serviced. Adding a new layer of membrane will give your roof another 4 or 5 years. But still it won`t last longer than 25 years.

What is the durability of a thatched roof?

The longevity of a thatched roof depends on the material used. In modern practice, there are three mostly used materials: long straw, combed wheat reed and water reed. On average long straw roof lasts 20 – 25 years. Combed wheat roof – 25 – 35 years. And the longest lifespan has water reed roof – 35 – 40 years. But there’s a specific kind of water reed, which can last up to 60 years.

How often do you have to re thatch a roof?

To keep the original appearance of a thatched roof, the owners don`t need a total re-thatch. They can make an overcoating or spar-coating of the roof. These procedures are aimed at removing the top layers of thatch and putting the new ones. They may be conducted as often as you wish, but the total roof re-thatch may be done once in 20 or 60 years depending on the material used.

How much does a green roof cost?

The cost of the green roof depends on the type of it. Green roofs can be extensive or intensive. Extensive green roofs are cheaper, because the layer of the soil is not as deep as in intensive. The average price of extensive green roof is 10$ per sq ft. Whereas the intensive system would cost you 25$ per sq ft.

What is the cost of roof restoration?

The price for restoration of the roof is counted taking into consideration its size. A large roof will cost cheaper than the medium or the small one. The cost of renovation of small or regular size roof will cost you approximately 22$ – 30$ per square meter. Whereas large roof repair will be priced 17$ – 22$ per square meter.

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